Super 8 Magazine #8 〜 Single-8も健在


ベルリンから『スーパー8マガジン 8号』が届きました。今回はSingle-8に関する情報が多く紹介されています。


次に、現在入手可能なニューシングル-8フィルムについてです。ベルリンのショップ『click & surr』 では、ISO100と200の黒白フィルムとISO200のカラーネガーフィルムを現像込みで提供しています。


・スペインの映像作家「Max de Esteban」 や、ベルリンの「Andreas Marschall」 の話題

Super 8 Magazine #8 ~ Single-8 is still alive
(At Komeda’s Coffee)

“Super 8 Magazine No. 8” has arrived from Berlin. A lot of information about Single-8 is introduced this time.

First, the movie “Single8” (directed by Kazuya Konaka), which is currently showing in Japan.
number; covered across pages. This movie is introduced as the Japanese version of “Super8” (released in 2011), and there are descriptions such as the actual footage of Single 8 being used in the movie.

Next is the new Single-8 film available now. The Berlin shop “click & surr” offers ISO 100 and 200 black-and-white films and ISO 200 color negative films with processing included.

If you have seen the movies “Single8” and “Super8” and want to shoot with 8mm film, you can still shoot with Single-8 or Super8.

Other notable articles are
・Test shooting of ORWO’s new color negative film “NC500 (16mm)”
・Spanish video artist “Max de Esteban” and Berlin’s “Andreas Marschall” topic
・Current status of film scanners in Berlin
There are many interesting articles this time as well.