SUPER 8 MAGAZINE #7 ~8ミリカメラの最新情報

(写真1) “Super 8 Magazine” and “Prototypes”

ベルリンから『スーパー8マガジン 7号』が届きました。気になった注目記事を紹介します。



ウクライナ出身のカメラ技術者Yakov Bogolpolsky氏(1896-1962)についての記事。

彼が開発した小さな8ミリカメラ『Bolsey 8』(1947)は有名です。多くの試作機と共に彼の人生が紹介されています。

(写真3) Article by Mr. Yakov Bogolpolsky





そして、コダック社の『NEW Super 8 Camera』(2016発表)は本当に登場するのか?。


(写真2) York Lab’s 8mm camera





(写真4) Special feature of “The Fabelmans”



フランスの新しいフィルムラボ『SILVERWAY Paris』やOrwo社の新しい映画用フィルムの疑問に関する記事。ベルリンのフィルムラボ『ANDEC Filmtechnik』の未来に向けての変化については、ディレクターのインタビュー記事。




“Latest Information on 8mm Cameras”

(photo#1) “Super 8 Magazine” and “Prototypes”
(photo#2) York Lab’s 8mm camera
(photo#3) Article by Mr. Yakov Bogolpolsky
(photo#4) Special feature of “The Fabelmans”

“Super 8 Magazine No. 7” has arrived from Berlin.
Here are some articles that caught my attention.

■Birth of the Borussia camera
An article about Ukrainian camera engineer Yakov Bogolpolsky (1896-1962).
The small 8mm camera “Bolsey 8” (1947) he developed is famous.
His life is introduced with many prototypes.

■When will the new 8mm camera appear?
Articles on 8mm camera prototypes from Logmar (Denmark) and York Lab (Switzerland) that seem to appear and do not appear.
York Lab’s 8mm camera is a prototype on paper, but it has a very modern design. Is it the right decision to adopt the “PL mount”? I felt a little doubt.
And will Kodak’s “NEW Super 8 Camera” (announced in 2016) really appear? .
We are appealing the need for new products for the current 8mm cameras that are only available on the second-hand market.

■ Spielberg and movies
An article about The Fabelmans, which will be released in theaters. An autobiographical work that fulfilled the dream of becoming a movie director. It is a movie that features a lot of filming equipment of the time.
In Japan, it will be released from March 3, 2023.

■ Other latest news
Articles about the new French film lab “SILVERWAY Paris” and Orwo’s new motion picture film questions.An interview article with the director about changes for the future of the film lab “ANDEC Filmtechnik” in Berlin.

This time, I was impressed by the articles about the manufacturers and people involved in the development of the camera, and the life of those people.
There are many new and interesting articles, and I look forward to receiving each issue.