EKTACHROME 100D(7294)の在庫について~その2



『Yale Film & Video』からは当初、今後在庫が増えるとの連絡をもらっていたが、その後、問い合わせをしても在庫については明確な回答をもらえなかった。恐らく在庫が増えていない状況だと考えます。
次に、現像を依頼している『Dwayne’s Photo』にも問い合わせしたが、在庫が無いようです(フィルムの注文書がホームページ上で開けない状況です。)

結局、在庫が確認できた『B&H Photo』で購入した。購入時の値段は、$58.59/個※でした。これに送料や税金がかかります。結構な金額ですが選択肢が限られてきております。



Stock of EKTACHROME 100D (7294) ~Part 2

(The film arrives in about 15 days after ordering)

In a previous article, I wrote about the inventory of domestic and overseas shops (self-survey) (January 20, 2023).

Yale Film & Video initially informed me that they would have more stock in the future. After that, even if I inquired, I did not get a clear answer about the stock. I think it’s probably because the inventory isn’t increasing.
Next, I contacted “Dwayne’s Photo”, which requested the development, but it seems that there is no stock (the order form for the film cannot be opened on the website).

After all, I bought it at “B&H Photo” where I could confirm the stock. The price at the time of purchase was $58.59/piece*. This includes shipping and taxes. It’s expensive, but your options are limited.

In the EU, there was an announcement about the price increase in March, and the price will be changed (raised) by about 10%. The future production status is unknown, but I would like to continue using color reversal film, so I would like the production to continue.

*As of April 17, 2023, the price is $64.95/piece (it is unconfirmed whether it is due to market fluctuations or price revisions).